Welcome to gBarton Innovations

G Barton Innovations consulting offers a wide range of hospitality services and expertise that will support your restaurant and bar enterprises.

We provide over 35 years experience leading teams that have delivered outstanding results on revenue and margin improvement through dedicated people development and training. With a keen eye on quality and innovation, we are well prepared to take on key assignments to assist your teams with best in class tactics. Our approach is based upon a robust sense of urgency with fanatical execution on key results that are integrity focused.

G Barton Innovations offer a relentless and determined approach to your business with the ability to quickly evaluate opportunities that will determine direction with action steps to leverage key deliverables to owners and management teams. We utilize best in class industry practices and winning recipes for success while taking full advantage of current trends in this ever changing hospitality industry.

Our GOAL — IMPLEMENT new efficiencies, procedures and best in class remedies so that they become INTEGRATED into the fiber and culture of your business. While implementing new procedures is the easy part, integrating those procedures and changes to “make it stick” is clearly the challenge and one we take on with a true eagerness.