Music: Turn it UP or turn it DOWN !!!

Music plays a fundamental role in the ambiance of your restaurant and bar environment.  It sets mood, tone and assists in the connections that your honored guest look for when they visit your brand. Music is vitally important and along with light levels and temperature, it sets that perfect vibe and impression. Let’s dig in a bit on how music can affect your restaurant atmosphere. You could produce your own music, use CD’s or hire an outside production company to provide music based upon your predetermined direction and approval. Music to our ears is a most critical piece of the overall customer experience.  We certainly know that food and service quality can make or break your visit.   Music, with the correct style and volume can Continue ReadingMusic: Turn it UP or turn it DOWN !!!

Beverage trends tactics

Let me comment on a few current trends in adult beverage and how to best leverage your teams.  Taking the necessary steps can increase incremental beverage sales and as well separate you from that “sea of sameness” in the adult beverage category. What we know: Males are 2x more likely to go out more often than females. So how do I attract more female traffic in my restaurant? CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Create a LADIES’ shed, not to compete but to recognize. Women should  not only feel welcome but secure in your bar environment so think about how your staffing your restaurant. Market inside your “four walls” with colorful and the appropriate amount of POP (point of purchase) with the intent to market to your female Continue ReadingBeverage trends tactics

Account for Every Transaction, Every Shift, Every Day!

“No hassle, no training, no investment” Capturing every drink transaction, every shift, every day has always been a challenge for leadership, from a small independent restaurant to large brands representing hundreds of locations.  The human factor is at play and while not labeling world class bartenders at the culprit, you should clearly understand the tools that will support a key objective   —  that EVERY transaction at the bar is accounted for through video auditing by way of small cameras which are linked to your point of sale to insure compliance.  Simply put, if you sell 100 drinks (beer, wine and cocktails) on a shift, it’s captured, reconciled and time stamped that all 100 drinks are collected or rang up, based upon your operations procedure when Continue ReadingAccount for Every Transaction, Every Shift, Every Day!

Back Bar Excellence

Your “Beverage Business Card” “Make it work for you” How many times have you heard that your “beverage business card” can be demonstrated in how you develop and showcase your back bar. The location of your bar inside your restaurant will generally dictate that every guest will walk by or up to your bar area at some point during their stop by and visibly view your back bar. Guests will gain a favorable or negative perception based upon how you line up and market all spirits, including liquor, wine and beer. The view may only be for a brief few seconds, yet sets a clear signal how you demonstrate products which are used to build beverage sales. This will also support and encourage trial of new spirits and innovations which supports the building of Continue ReadingBack Bar Excellence