Hospitality and Restaurant Services

G Barton Innovations offers over 35 years experience in all key result areas of the restaurant and bar industry. We offer consulting expertise with a keen focus and a fanatical approach to building revenue and margins. All activities and initiatives are integrity based, yet with a high level sense of urgency for our clients. Those areas of of expertise include:


  • Dining Room Management: A lost art in hospitality. We can assist your team.
  • Management 101: Let’s insure all managers understand and follow the basics.
  • One Minute Manager: Books are written on it, let’s follow up to insure improvement.
  • Pre / Post Shift Meetings: Start the day off right with great messaging.
  • The Bubble: Let us teach your teams where to be at all times during their shift.


  • “Sales Building” Tools: Let us share best practices with you.
  •  LTO’s that Work: The right promotion for the right product.
  • Staff to Win: Don’t staff to accommodate, let us assist with how to win.
  • Social Media Focus: You must have this today to compete.
  • Build Event Calendar: Let us help you plan your year accordingly.
  • Millennial Focus: 70 Million strong with awesome purchasing power.


  • Build Realistic Budgets: Build budgets that are aggressive, yet attainable.
  • Maximize Profits: We provide the “keys to the kingdom” on margins.
  • Labor Basics: Develop labor models to grow sales AND profits.
  • Food Cost Controls: Basics of the business that get ignored.
  • How to introduce SKU’s: Adding a new SKU is expensive. Let us assist.
  • Capital Improvements: We show you how to maintain your facility.


  • New Drink Innovation and Ideation:  You must grow your library of features.
  • Category Management Expertise: Use this to balance and grow your business.
  • Back Bar Design: This is your business card, allow us to show you excellence.
  • Building Vendor Relationships:  Extremely important to maintain and improve relationships.
  • Best Happy Hour Tactics: A critical day part that needs attention.
  • Best Late Night Tactics: A new day part led by Millennials. We can support you .
  • Pricing and Menu Design: We can show you best methods.


  • Select, Train and Retain: It’s about great people, doing great work for a great company. We can support your brand.
  • On-boarding Talent: This can separate you from the pack.
  • Continued Team Development: Let us show you how to excel and complete.
  • Skip Level Sessions: Gain valuable insights from all team members utilizing this tool.
  • Performance Appraisals: Provide crystal clear expectations for all.
  • Have Fun:  Allow us to assist in growing sales and profits while having fun along the way.